A Winter Break In The Sun

Time to relax and unwind for a quiet week in Portugal!

The day didn’t start well, Although I awoke early I successfully missed the train to the airport! OK I only missed it by a couple of minutes but I still missed it. Fortunately there was another train to get me to Glasgow Prestwick in time for the 10.10 am flight.

I was through the security checks within a few minutes and made it into the departure lounge with ten minutes to spare before the gate opened for boarding of the flight to Faro.

For anyone used to flying with any of the budget airlines the only way to get the low prices they advertise is to play them at their own game. That means ensuring you have the most obscure prepay debit card to pay for your flight and avoid the booking fee imposed when using any of the regular card types. In addition you need to pack light and squeeze everything you require for your trip away in your 20x40x50 hand luggage. Alternatively you can always choose to pay more for putting a case in the hold than you paid for the flight.

Narrowly avoiding a request to fit my hand luggage in those frames to make sure it was the right size or place it on the scales to ensure it came in under weight, I was boarding the Ryanair flight and grabbed a window seat towards the rear of the plane.

After an uneventful three hour flight the plane touched down in Faro on time.

Once through immigration, finding the correct transfer desk was a little confusing. Not only did it have a different company name to the one advised in the email I received on booking the transfer but it also wasn’t pink, as it had been described. Returning to a freestanding desk located at the entrance of the airport lobby when you walk through from the baggage area turned out to be the right move and I was directed to a waiting coach. We were soon on our way to the resort town of Albufeira.

Since the 1960’s the once traditional Portuguese fishing village has expanded into a thriving tourist destination. During the non-stop party months of the summer the multitude of bars, restaurants and nightclubs are packed to capacity with customers spilling out onto the streets. In winter Albufeira takes on a quieter, more serene atmosphere giving the visitor an opportunity to relax and unwind.

By 3 pm the coach had dropped me off at the Janelas Do Mar – my hotel for the week, and I had checked in.

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