Time For A Facelift With A New Website

Time For A Facelift With A New Website


I have been procrastinating long enough. It seems like forever since I really added any new posts to the site, or for that matter sat my arse down at a desk and got writing. I have finally found some time to do just that.

So what does that mean precisely? Well there are a couple of works that were in the pipeline previously, one or two of which I have discarded and the others will hopefully see the light of day sooner rather than later. Details of which will be posted asap here on the website.

As for the website itself, well the old one was looking a bit tired and although it served a purpose there were some changes / new ideas that that I wanted to make that were only possible by starting afresh. Hence the site you see now. At this moment in time its not finished by a longshot but hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will come together nicely so bear with me.

Of course you probably want to know what some of these changes etc will be. Well first and foremost the site will still be a place to promote my own writing. As well as published works you will also find that the blog pages will cover some of the things I enjoy and hope to share with you whether its topical news that has taken my interest, details of the latest movie I have seen, or the current book I’m reading.  I’ll even update you more regulalrly on the writing life. Hopefully, I won’t bore you too much.

AlistairLangston.com is a work in progress but feel free to take a look around and why not let me know what you think by dropping a message below.

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