One Lucky Russian

One Lucky Russian

Okay here’s one of those videos that you think WTF!

Don’t let the fact that the video starts off in Russian put you off. You will soon get the gist of it an there isn’t much speaking anyway.

At the start of the video a guy named Sam Nickel meets the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, and shakes hands with him – I guess some people in Russia may consider him lucky for that reason alone – but that’s not it… it is where he has been sticking his hands for the thirty days prior to meeting Putin.

It appears that Sam Nickel realised that his beloved president, Vladimir Putin, is a very busy man. Moreover, he’s also married. This means MrnPutin never gets the chance to get his hands on hordes of beautiful young women, as far as one is aware.

So to help his esteemed leader out, Sam decided he’d have a feel of 1000 women’s boobs and then shake the hand of his president. Just so Putin could say he felt the hand of two thousand boobs.

Apparently all the women agreed to this though there are a few who appear a little more than surprised when Sam lunges at them with his hands.

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