Out and about in Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca Government Building

Monday morning and I awoke early… 4 am to be precise, although considering I must have dozed off around 8pm last night I guess that wasn’t too bad. So I decided to start the day by going for a little walk. The intention was to find the centre of Cuernavaca…  easier said than done I guess. I left the hotel and took a left at the main street and carried on walking, and walking, and walking… I didn’t find the town centre but at least I did come across the bus station where I first arrived, always useful to know if planning a trip out of town!  A little further on I came to the conclusion that the road was going in the wrong direction so decided to turn back.

Daily life in a small square

Two hours or so after I had left the hotel I was back. This time I took a careful look at a map and realised where I had gone wrong. However, I also decided to take a different route altogether… this time taking a street running parallel to the main road I had first taken. This route was less busy with traffic. It probably took about 45 minutes to reach the centre of town. As it turned out there appeared to be a festival of some kind going on with several hundred people gathered in the central plaza outside the main government building and watching a variety of performances. Of course I had stupidly left the camera back at the hotel [the photos you now see were taken a few days later]… something I will not be doing again!

Narrow side streets and traffic

Its not easy to describe Cuernavaca and you would really need to experience it for yourself to be able to understand it. The trafficcan be a problem and is often  bumper to bumper. For a pedestrian, when crossing a main road you will be taking your life in your own hands. All I can say is keep an eye on the traffic lights at junctions and make a dash for it.  Although the main streets can be a traffic nightmare many of the side streets are, in comparison, be a small oasis of tranquil calm. Well that is many of the side streets apart from the one in the picture which may not look too busy but from what I gathered was one of the main routes into the town centre and was usually bumper to bumper – except when the picture was taken.

Throughout the town you will see many of the international brand names that we are all used to – Starbucks, McDonald’s and KFC. However, it is the multitude of  family owned businesses that make up the backbone of this city. Whether its the street vendors selling tapas and fresh fruit juice drinks or the scooter repair man repairing bikes at the side of the street, they all play their part.

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