The Beer Diet

beer dietThe what???

That was my first thought when I was reading a posting on Facebook this morning but a quick search in Google¬† reveals that its true… and we are not talking about reducing beer intake in order to lose weight. Far from it. In fact with this diet you reduce your food intake to basically nothing whilst enjoying a beer or three!

Not entirely sure how healthy it is going to be for you but you can follow author Joe Konrath who started his thirty day ‘diet’ on January 1st on his blog.¬† That’s twenty-two days with no food, just beer and water. I would suspect most people would lose weight if they hadn’t eaten for nearly a month. As for they side effects, well you better read Joe’s blog although I certainly don’t envy him the experience of passing a kidney stone.

Incidentally this video demonstrates some of the consequences you may face if you decide to pursue the beer diet:

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