The Cast Is Finally Off

It’s been about 10 weeks since I broke my wrist whilst cycling to work. Ten weeks in which I have had to endure the delights of my arm in a cast. Fortunately, if you can say that, I am right handed and it was my left wrist that I injured. However it is only when you find yourself without the use of a limb that you actually realise how much you use it. Whether its grasping a jar of coffee in one hand whilst twisting the lid off with the other, pulling open a drawer, opening a door and doing up your shirt buttons… all tasks I quickly discovered had become much more difficult to undertake with a broken wrist.

It was quite a relief to have the cast cut away from my arm this morning, more so when I was able to flex and move my hand without too much difficuly all be it that the range of movement is still limited… apparently some physiotherapy will sort that out.  What I did discover, and which I didn’t know previously was that the bone I had fractured in my wrist I had actually fractured in two seperate places. Not bad going for a morning cycle on the bike early in January!

Thankfully I no longer have to wear a cast although I have been given a wrist brace to provide some support when require. This means that I can now get down to work and concentrate on completing my novel Flagler Beach which I am hoping will be available towards the end of May.

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