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Guadalajara, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Cuernavaca


Antigua, Quetzaltenango, Panajachel, Guatemala City


There are two methods of compensation. The first option is called a Fixed Itinerary Compensation Plan (available to UK residents only). You will receive scheduled, automatic payments to a debit card, that the Trek Study group will provide you once you shortly after receiving your second patch, as you complete study requirements. If all visits are completed you will receive £139. In addition you will receive compensation for your airfare and accommodations up to a maximum of £1300 pounds.

The second option is called the Independent Traveler Compensation plan. This plan requires you to pay for your air and hotel accommodations prior to traveling and you will be reimbursed throughout the study. You must also provide proof of passport, flight receipt and hotel itinerary and complete all vaccination procedures. If all visits are completed you will receive £1,439 or 1,584 Euros in compensation.

The other stuff you want to know but may not get answers for?

I originally filled out the online application on the website on Dec 31st 2009. It was about two weeks later when I received a follow up phone call from them. Basically they ran through the questions I originally answered on the website and confirmed the dates when I intended to travel. I should point out that I decided to take the Fixed Itinerary Compensation Plan as I was sceptical at the time whether it was a legitimate organisation behind it etc. My feeling was that if they were paying for everything up front then I couldn’t really get ripped off if it was a scam. Prior to filling completing the online form I checked that I could have some time off from work for the period that I proposed to take as a holiday and then submitted those dates on the application. When you receive the phone call they will use the dates that you give them and work backwards to determine the date of your first clinic appointment where you will have your first patch applied to the shoulder of one of your arms. You should then be free to travel between 21 to 44 days after receiving the first patch. You wear the patch for approx. 6 hours before removing it yourself. A second visit to the clinic is required 14 days after the first where you will receive a second patch to the opposite arm. Again this is worn for approx. 6 hours.

It is around the time of your second visit that you may begin feeling anxious as up until then you will have had very little correspondance from the Trek Study Group apart from an email received shortly after your first phone call when they arranged the first clinic visit – the email will have provided you with some additional details and a login for the Trek Study website.  However do not despair. Once you have had your second clinic visit keep an eye on your email inbox (and junk mail just in case).

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  1. Hey bud,

    Thanks for this writeup it’s been super useful!

    I stumbled on your blog wondering what the heck this Corporate Pay card was for!

    All is clear now – off to Guatamala next week 🙂


  2. Hi Conrad,

    I’m pleased the information was of help. Enjoy your trip I’m sure you will have a great time over there.


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