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And that is basically it. A few days after you receive your final itinerary you should be boarding the plane for a fabulous holiday!

[… I never actually got to board the plane according to my initial itinerary because the flight was cancelled due to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano. A few emails back and forth between myself and Trek Study and  then I had to call Continental Airlines and reschedule the flights for a couple of weeks later. Once they were confirmed I advised Trek Study and they rebooked the hotels and rearranged the itinerary accordingly…. ]

As for those other niggling questions you may have, here are the answers:

The following applied to me under the fixed itinerary compensation plan with Cuernavaca, Mexico as my chosen location:

Will I be met at the airport and who by?

I was met at Mexico City Airport by a Trek Study Concierge. Trek Study advised me that he will be waiting outside baggage claim with a board marked ‘Trek’. As it happened my plane was about 20 minutes early and there was no one there. I waited for about 30 minutes and then received a call on the Trek Study phone that I had received. Fortunately I had been able to charge it at an unscheduled stop over in New York, again due to the ash cloud. It was the Concierge. He was over the other side of the airport meeting another Trek Study candidate. He told me to wait outside a small store just opposite the doors to Arrivals and he came and found me 10 minutes later.

How Do I get to my hotel from the airport?

Originally I was due to spend my first night in Mexico City and the remainder of my stay in Cuernavaca. This was simply due to the fact that my plane was due to arrive in mexico City around 10 pm and after getting through immigration and customs etc t would be too ate to get the coach to Cuernavaca  that evening.  The original plan was that I would be met at the airport by the Concierge and taken to the hotel where I was spending that first night. The following morning I would then be taken to the Coach Station.  However because of the unscheduled stop in New York I arrived the following morning. Therefore the Concierge took me straight to the coach station (its just outside the terminal building if you arrive at terminal 2… not sure where for terminal 1). he purchased the coach ticket for me and then we waited until the coach arrived. The coach was non stop from Mexico City Airport to Cuernavaca. On arrival I found another Trek Study Concierge waiting for me at the coach station. He was holding the ‘Trek’ sign. We then went to his car and he drove to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel the Cuernavaca Concierge gave me a couple of local maps and checked that I had his cell phone number for emergencies. he showed me on the map where the clinic was and suggested I take a taxi for teh first clinic visit. Apart from that I never saw him again.

What about the hotel?

Well I booked into the hotel. They had my name and asked me to sign in  and that was pretty much it. They didnt ask for my credit card or passport. As for checking out it was just as simple. I just handed over my room key, signed a form and that was it. They did not ask for payment as it had already been paid for by Trek Study. However I should point out a couple of things here Anything I purchased at the hotel during my stay (ie meals or drinks at the bar) I paid cash for at the time. I did not use room service or have anything out of the room fridge. I was also not staying over the minimum number of nights requested by Trek Study. If you stay any longer than 7 nights, or charge anything to your room then you will be required to pay for it when you leave if you have not done so beforehand. Just so that you know there was a safe in my room. This was free of charge and was very simple to operate.

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  1. Hey bud,

    Thanks for this writeup it’s been super useful!

    I stumbled on your blog wondering what the heck this Corporate Pay card was for!

    All is clear now – off to Guatamala next week 🙂


  2. Hi Conrad,

    I’m pleased the information was of help. Enjoy your trip I’m sure you will have a great time over there.


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