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What about the clinic visits?

What about them? Apart from the clinic visits back in your home country you are expected to attend a clinic within the first day or two of your arrival in Mexico or Guatemala. You will previously have been advised of what to expect but basically it is the same as your first clinic visit in the UK. The staff are very friendly and helpful and speak English fluently. Hopefully you won’t have to see them again before your day 7 appointment. Incidentally the clincis are only open Monday to Friday. So if you arrive on a Saturday and leave the following Saturday they will fit your appointments in to suit (ie Monday and Friday) so if you are planning day trips / excursions you should bear this in mind.

How do I get back to the airport for my return journey?

When I first saw my itinerary from Trek Study I was very concerned. The reason being that I was staying in Cuernavaca which is approxiamately an hour and forty minutes from the airport by coach. Since my departing flight was at 9 am and I intended to be at the airport two hours prior to that it meant that I would have to leave look at leaving Cuernavaca no later than 5.20 am.  I therefore anticipated that perhaps I should spend my last night in Mexico City. However there was no reason to worry… Coaches depart from Cuernavaca on average two an hour, leaving as early as 3.15 am. You will have to buy your own ticket back (Trek Study won’t supply this) and I would suggest purchasing it a day or two before your departure date as the coaches can get full even early in the morning. The ticket from Cuernavaca to the airport is 150 Pesos (equivalent of about £8 UK). I also had to take a taxi from the hotel to the coach station – just ask the desk clerk to phone for one when you check out but be sensible and allow 20 minutes or so for it to arrive. At 2.30 am it cost me 40 Pesos (£2.10 UK)  for the taxi.

What happens if it anything goes wrong?

Always keep Trek Study informed. Remember for me my flight was actually cancellled the first time round. I had a list of all the contacts that th final itnerary had been emailed to and I emailed them all to say the flight had been cancelled. I then kept in contact with both the primary Trek Study contact and the Travel Consultant and the trip was resheduled for two weeks later. However even that did not go smoothly. The flight was 6 hours late leaving meaning I missed m connection connecting flight from New York to Mexico. However I managed to find a computer and once again emailed all the contacts (which included the concierges) and advised them that I would not be on the flight arriving into Mexico City that evening but instead would be on the flight arriving the following morning and provided them with  the new flight times / details etc. I also sent a text message to the Concierge who was due to meet me at the airport just to make sure.

And that’s it! If you decide to participate in the Trek Study scheme then I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Hopefuly I have answered any of the questions you may have regarding the scheme. If not then feel free to drop me an email or simply post a question in the box below and I will try and answer it the best I can.

* * * UPDATE  (10/07/2010) * * * *

The Trek Study website is now advising that their enrollment goals have been met and they are no longer recruiting candidates for the study.

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  1. Hey bud,

    Thanks for this writeup it’s been super useful!

    I stumbled on your blog wondering what the heck this Corporate Pay card was for!

    All is clear now – off to Guatamala next week 🙂


  2. Hi Conrad,

    I’m pleased the information was of help. Enjoy your trip I’m sure you will have a great time over there.


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