A Good Weekend On Amazon!

I know… I know… I’ve been a little lax in my updates again. In fact its not just updates its work on my two forthcoming novels, Flagler Beach and Destiny 2236. I’ll update you on the whys and wherefores in the next day or two but needless to say I am back to work on both novels and hope to have them available shortly.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that a few weeks back I decided to try a little experiment with my novella, Damon. Although available competitively priced I was interested in finding discovering the effects on ‘sales’, if you can call it that, when the book is available to download for free! Yep! That’s right I basically decided to give it away.

It took about two weeks for the move to take place and Friday evening Damon became available as a free download not only on Amazon but also across a number of other eBook retailing sites including Barnes & Noble and Sony.

At the current time I have only been able to establish the effect on the Amazon sites but it has been phenominal. In just 72 hours over 5000 copies of Damon have been downloaded, additional reviews have appeared, and sales of Aspects of a Psychopath have increased tenfold!

One thing I did find rather surprising was the difference between downloads/sales on amazon.com with those on amazon.co.uk. The majority took place on the .com site to the tune of approximately ten to one. It seems the Americans have a greater taste for my writing than the British. so much so in fact that one reviewer on Amazon commented: ‘…there was a definitely British dialect in the book, which I wasn’t expecting. I always enjoy when an author throws British slang into the mix…’ Hardly surprising me thinks considering that I originate from English parentage and that I was born, reared and still a resident of the UK!

I’m interested to see how far this little experiment can go and at what stage downloads will start to tail off so I will continue monitoring it for the next week or so. What I would be interested to see is whether Damon can break into the magic Top 100 Free in Kindle Store ranking. On the UK site it climbed quite impressively from its starting point of around 120,000 on Friday up to its current position of 126 where it has been languishing for much  of the weekend! It’s certainly not bad but it didn’t really need that many downloads to achieve that position. I think if it breaks the Top 100 barrier then the number of downloads will increase quite rapidly. On amazon.com however its a different story. Downloads for Damon have broken through the Top 100 barrier and is currently sat at No 28. Am I happy with that. Absolutely, but I’d love to see it reach number 1 and hold that position for a few days! Will it? Who knows. Only time will tell!

Incidentally, if you haven’t downloaded your free copy of Damon what are you waiting for? Visit the Damon page and follow the links to your preferred retailer.


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