A New Start!

Well I’ve been intending on doing this for a while and have finally got around to creating my new web page and yes it is pretty bland at the moment. Why? You may ask… well the answer depends on precisely what the ‘Why?’ is referring to… If You are asking why I have decided to create a new web pageĀ  then the answer is because I wanted a website that offered more than the previous site [take a look at http://www.alistairlangston.co.uk if you haven’t any idea of what I am referring to] and yes part of the new site will include a blog – the content of which will vary depending equally upon my own frame of mind as well as whatever may be in the news at the time. As for why the site is pretty bland at the moment… well the simple truth is I only registered this new site yesterday and haven’t had time to sit down and draw up the layout for the site. However I didn’t see a reason why I couldn’t start adding the content…. no time likeĀ  the present, right?

Incidentaly if you are interested in getting a copy of my novel Aspects of a Psychopath then you better get to it fast as time is running out… Telos Publishing have limited stocks of the novel currently available but once they go then that is it so if you are interested then check out the Telos website here.

Finally as it is a general Election here in the UK there is a possibility that tomorrow morning we will be waking up to a new government and a new Prime Minister. Saying that, if the exit polls are anything to be believed then there is every chance we will be facing a hung parliament. Quite what that will mean is probably anyones guess in the current economic climate!

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