Broken Wrist… Doh!

Yes it’s true! I have broken my wrist.

I was cycling to work last Tuesday morning when I went round a corner and hit an icy patch along the path. Before I knew it the wheels had slid out from under me and I found myself and the bike sliding twelve foot along the ground. It certainly stunned me for a moment or two but I quickly got back on the saddle and continued the remaining two miles to work.

After arriving at work and getting cleaned up I surveyed the damage I had done to myself. Having fallen heavily to my right I wasn’t surprised to find a graze on my right elbow, a bruised area at the top of my thigh on my right leg and another graze on my right knee which I think took the brunt of fall. In addition my left wrist ached a little but I didn’t think too much of that at the time.

It was only as the day progressed that I found problems with using my left hand. I  was unable to pull open a drawer or grip anything tightly. I tried to pick up a mug but put it down quickly before I spilt its contents. Soon there was sufficient swelling in the wrist and hand to realise I may have done a bit of damage and it wasn’t difficult to see that my movement in the wrist had become severely limited.

When it came to time to leave work I cycled home… this time at a much slower pace as I was unable to change gear or use my rear brake, in fact I could do little more than rest my injured limb on the handlebar. I can tell you that I felt every bump I cycled over on the way back.

once home I changed and took myself of down A & E at the local hospital. Four hours later I left with my arm in a temporary cast and confirmation that I had broken my wrist – the scaphoid bone to be precise.

I went back down the hospital Wednesday morning and they replaced the temporary cast with a fibreglass cast. I was subsequently avised that due to the location of the break I was likey to be in the cast for at least 8 weeks and even then may require an operation to fix it!

Needless to say I’m not ecstatic about the news; more so now that I am unable to drive and my journey to work that used to take 20 minutes by car or just over an hour by cycling is now taking an average two hours with a combination of bus, train and walking!

As for the bike there wasn’t a scratch on it!

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