Hasta La Vista Arnie!

image credit: Wikipedia

Arnold Schwarzenegger will step down as Governor of California today bringing an end to his seven years in public office.

With a budget deficit of $28 billion Schwarzenegger leaves the state of California in a worse position than when he first took office.

So what’s next for former Governator? He has openly admitted on the Tonight Show that he wouldn’t mind a shot at the nation’s top job, the presidency of the United States, though unless he can get the US Constitution changed to permit foreign citizens to hold the position he will have a long wait.

The chances are Schwarzenegger will make the most of his political and celebrity status in order to cash in on the lecture and public speaking circuit whilst possibly pursuing his interests in reducing global warming.  If all else fails he could always return to acting but at 63 there will be little call for the former action hero stereotypical role he is used to portraying.

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