Is it time to get yourself an eReader?

For a number of years I have been looking at getting myself a dedicated eReader.  At first the battery life was limited and the screen displays were not that great so I passed. I even tried reading ebooks on my mobile phone… sure, I know a lot of people do it but it really didn’t cut it for me. Then Amazon released the Kindle and I started to hear good things about it though personally I still wasn’t convinced it was the device for me. Towards the end of last year I read about the latest range of eReaders from Sony and it was then that I knew I had to have one. A week later I was the proud owner of the Sony PRS-650 touch eReader. I have been satisfied with my purchase ever since.

In case you are wondering I am not trying to promote one eReader over another. If you are interested in purchasing an eReader then you will have your own criteria for the device that you are looking for. For instance if you purchase all your online books through Amazon then you cannot have noticed that the third generation kindle is now available with a choice of either Wi-Fi or 3G in order to download books from their store. Meanwhile if you shop at Barnes & Noble then you may have come across the Nook. For me my decision was purely based on reading experience. I wanted a device that provided me with as close an experience to reading a paperback or hardback book as possible. I didn’t want a device with a keyboard to distract me. I also wanted a device that could be used with a variety of different eBook formats. I wasn’t too concerned about being able to download books instantly via Wi-Fi or 3G – though I can certainly see the benefit if you wish to subscribe to daily papers or magazines! I also didn’t want inconveniently placed buttons to press in order to flick through the pages and it had to have a screen size close to that of a standard paperback. Finally I wanted a device that I could use whilst sat outside in bright sunlight. For me the Sony PRS-650 offered everything I was looking for… it may seem daft but the ability to flick a finger across the screen to turn the page was on of the defining factors.

I always used to love reading but in recent years I only found time to pick up a book when I was on vacation. However, since purchasing the Sony PRS-650 eReader I have probably picked it up every day to read.

Some of the books I have read over the past couple of weeks include:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, (Steig Larsson)

One For The Money, (Janet Evanovich)

Bangkok Bob, (Stephen Leather)

The Man Who Cycled the World, (Mark Beaumont)

Will eBooks replace the traditional hardback / paperback book? It’s unlikely, particularly as eBooks can cost more than their paperback version of the same book. Where an eBook reader comes into its own is the opportunity it presents with being able to contain an entire library of books within a device the size of a standard paperback;  ideal for holidays! However it is far more convenient to carry my Sony eReader in my coat pocket, take it out whenever I Want and delve into which ever book that takes my fancy than carry around a hardback novel  that you often see people struggling  with reading on the daily commute to work on the train or bus. I know which I prefer!

Don’t get me wrong ! I will still purchase the latest novels from my local supermarket and bookstore but I will now be looking to see if the same book is available to download in eBook format at a reasonable price.

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