Time For A Facelift – Five Years On

Time For A Facelift – Five Years On

Five years… it’s been five years since I last posted anything at all here. I had just given the site a facelift, there was another novel – Emily – in the pipeline, and there was every intention of pursuing my writing career. So what happened?

I think the opening sentence in that last blog post probably summed it up:

I have been procrastinating long enough. It seems like forever since I really added any new posts to the site, or for that matter sat my arse down at a desk and got writing. I have finally found some time to do just that.

To be fair there’s a lot been going on in the past five years. In my working life I found a new job which I enjoyed despite the 140 mile round trip daily commute. I moved house but took on a major renovation project in doing so which is still ongoing. Changed job again, though this time it wasnt through choice and out of my hands due to outsourcing, and then changed job again back with the same organisation I had been outsourced from. Five years ago I had two nieces who are now well in their teens and there are two additional nephews on the scene. In brief, that brings you up to speed… basically life got in the way.

So what’s next?

Well, first off the website needs an obvious spring clean. I was debating whether to start the blog from scratch, afterall it has been five years, but the old posts are interesting to look back on – even if its only myself that finds them of interest. As well as revisiting some of the old posts with a view to providing an update on a couple or two its also time to catch up on whats been going on around the world in recent months. Then there’s the writing, that’s why we’re here really isnt it? Over the coming months I hope to have some news for you so, to coin a phrase, watch this space.

Until the next time, stay safe and well.


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